Discovery - Defining Site Goals

During this phase, apsyo gathers information and documentation to fully understand the project. This is the time to assess the project and creatively brainstorm to gain an understanding of:

  • Who are intended audiences
  • What is the short-term goal of the site
  • What is the long-term goal of the site
  • Why people come to the site
  • What is the implementation timetable
  • What are competitors doing and what works

Strategy - Defining Site Requirements

Goals and objectives are defined to gain a clear understanding of the scope, schedule and delivery of the project. Apsyo will define:

  • What pieces of content areas the site needs
  • Site diagram to provide guidelines and strategy
  • How will the content be grouped and labeled between various sections of site
  • What technologies will be implemented
  • Create a visual representation of the structure
  • Create site architecture diagram based on available content

Implementation - Creating Site Navigation /Visual Design
Apsyo implements the creative and technical elements of the site. Apsyo strives to:
Create global level navigation

  • Create driving rationale behind the site structure
  • Finalize and review site content
  • Create site look and feel

Execution - Production

During the production phase site content and design has been established for the project. Apsyo will:

  • Finalize look and feel
  • Populate site content
  • Create databases
  • Create site pages
  • Quality Assurance and usability testing

Growth - Delivery, Maintenance & Growth

The final phase is delivering the site and growth planning. During this phase apsyo will deliver the site live to the internet. Planning includes:

  • Internal review
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer review
  • Project signoff
  • Growth strategy